A customer service perspective on nonprofit constituents

 In Capacity

In our work, the word ‘engagement’ gets bandied about all the time. build’s experience is that when organizations talk about engagement, they are talking about their organization engaging with customers/constituents, not their customers/constituents engaging with their organization.

build believes that the key to successful engagement is not figuring how you want to engage customers/constituents, but the other way around. Here’s a good way to start taking a fresh look at how your organization reacts/responds to customers/constituents engaging with you:

Identify Five High-ROI Interactions

Identify five interactions that if managed well would lead to more engagement, greater investment, increased advocacy – whatever metric is important.

Better Understand the Customer Experience

Make a donation online and see how long it takes for someone to acknowledge it. Survey recent first-time donors. Host an unfocus group. Whatever mechanism you use, try to better understand what your customers want, and how they experience your organization, and if they are aligned.

Finally, Build Better Processes

It should go without saying that your people, proceseses, and systems should all be aligned to out-customer serve your ‘competitors’, whoever they may be.

We’re always excited when organizations are willing to invest the time in really understanding how their customers want to be engaged with. It creates the opportunity for innovative projects, but it also helps staff understand the value and purpose behind the work that they do.

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