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Shiny objects won’t make your organization more fit

Part of Build’s passionate independence is helping nonprofits recognize that technology is never the only answer. Think of all of the shiny fitness objects that we’ve bought – Fitbits, Apple Watches, or treadmills. Eventually, those shiny objects lose their luster. Shiny fitness objects help accelerate fitness. The objects don’t make you fit in of themselves.

Healthy diets, exercise and better sleep all make you more fit. Think of what makes for a fit organization. Can a shiny new object really do all that?

But the Executives at our organization want that new object!

[testimonial author=”Andrew Axelrod, UN Foundation”]People always think that technology is the solution.[/testimonial] First of all,  it’s a challenge to convince your organization that shiny objects just don’t work. Lucky for you, our friends at NTEN wrote a great blog: An Eleven Step Program to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome.

The post is easily digestible for your executive team to quickly read and consider. Perhaps next, consider what constitutes effective Information Strategy for a nonprofit, including the five critical questions to answer.

CRM: One of the shiniest object out there

Most frequently, Build encounters nonprofits seeking the shiniest object of them all – CRM. So much makes for successful CRM adoption. For example, the culture of your organization.

Organizational culture was there from day one. Culture was in place way before you ever had your first CRM software, let alone the latest and greatest you’re considering. As a result don’t let the shine of CRM blind you to the culture changes your organization must make. We’ve seen far too many organizations fall prey to this

We need voices like NTEN

Many thanks to NTEN and the thought-leadership that contributed to this article! All eleven steps outlined are vitally important for nonprofit organizations to consider.

Finally, vendors are competing to deliver the message that their shiny object will be the one to change your organization. Because of this, it’s vital for organizations, like NTEN, to temper that message and set reasonable expectations.

Build Consulting will continue to sound that same message along with NTEN. We’re proud to be members of this invaluable partner in the nonprofit community.