We’re Bringing an End to the Database

 In CRM (Constituent Relationship Management)

Databases don’t end poverty, cure diseases, better the environment, or solve societal problems.  Tools, on the other hand, can.

database is something that most of us don’t either know how to use or tap into. On the other hand, a tool helps you build something special.  Databases don’t end poverty, cure diseases, better the environment, or solve societal problems.  Tools, on the other hand, can be a means to a better end.

Think about the tools you need to build a house.  You wouldn’t use a table saw without learning how it works, having a plan for its use, and knowing how to take care of it after you’re done.  You also wouldn’t use a table saw if there were a less complex, and safer, tool available.

So how do you move from having a database to using a tool?

One example of CRM serving as a tool, rather than a database, is being able to track, and more importantly measure, the one-on-one interactions you’re having with constituents.  This then allows your organization to see trends, evaluate work, and make decisions where to emphasize and deemphasize efforts.

Since we’re talking about a tool that really doesn’t have a significant external component (constituents don’t care about this!) build starts with the outputs in mind.  We figure out what is reasonable to measure for your organization, and strip out the rest.  We figure out if you need a table saw, a handsaw, or something in between.

While CRM tools won’t actually do your mission, they can play essential supporting roles in helping you fulfill your mission.  If you want to learn more about how your CRM tools can help be part of the transformative work you do, build can help.

Need More Expertise?

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