Build to present at the “Good Tech Fest” nonprofit data and technology conference

Good Tech Fest, focused on data and technology for organizations within the social sector, takes place in Detroit May 22-24. We’re proud our past collaboration with Data Analysts for Social [...]

Video: Improving Donor Data—A Real-Life Story

Organizations often have years of donor data that doesn’t inform action. Information about donors and prospects contained in CRM for nonprofits—when properly managed and analyzed—can have a [...]

What is a nonprofit database manager?

To Build Consulting, a nonprofit database manager (or “data manager”) is someone with the business and technical skills to navigate both the complexities of their organization and the database [...]

12 Ways for Nonprofits to Connect Data Analytics to Organizational Outcomes

Information Week has released what might as well be a companion piece to our recent blog post “How to Make Smart, Data-Driven Decisions,” titled “12 Ways to Connect Data [...]

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