Salesforce Acquires Thoughts on the Potential Impact to the Nonprofit Community

As the story develops here are some of our initial thoughts on and Salesforce for nonprofits. Build will be monitoring the effects this deal has on our clients, our nonprofit [...]

Does California’s new data privacy law apply to non-profits?

Answering long-term questions for our nonprofit clients: How this legislation, along with GDPR, shifts the landscape of constituent expectations for how nonprofits will behave—based on their [...]

Webinar: Five Hacks to Weave Constituent Experience Into Your Organization

Constituents increasingly expect a rich, personalized experience when engaging with nonprofits. Fortunately, being an expert in “constituent experience” doesn’t mean you must be an expert [...]

Recent changes at Omatic Software—what does the future hold?

As we recently wrote in “Omatic Software and Blackbaud’s the Raiser’s Edge,” many of Build’s clients using Blackbaud’s the Raiser’s Edge also use products from Omatic Software to help manage [...]

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