Everybody Must Get on Board the Tech Train…

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Or it’s not leaving the station!

Peter Gross (Partner, Build Consulting) joins the Successful Nonprofits Podcast to discuss the importance of nonprofit leadership in technology decisions.

Peter Gross sat down with Dolph Goldenburg of Successful Nonprofits for a conversation on the mistakes nonprofits make when choosing nonprofit technology, and how to get everyone at the table to ensure leadership is fully behind any technology implementation.

Hear about the system that gets implemented and then mostly just sits there; the Executive Director who starts the process saying “Well, I’m not a tech guy…” and other pitfalls. Peter shares his insights into how nonprofits who start with the technology choice are missing the leadership decisions that should precede vendors and demos.

Some highlights:

  • (1:31) Strip it down
  • (7:20) The Cadillac
  • (10:15) Never say that again
  • (13:32) It’s getting easier and easier
  • (21:10) Small nonprofits…spreadsheets and QuickBooks
  • (23:20) Vendor agnostic
  • (27:52) Cows, otters, chicken, deer






We hope you enjoy this wide-ranging discussion! And if you’d like to see recordings from our past webinars, or take advantage of the other resources Build provides, visit the Learning section of our website.

Build Consulting was created for the purpose of helping solve the 50% nonprofit technology project failure problem. We’ve devoted our careers to understanding not just the nonprofit sector and technology, but also the mechanics of how change successfully occurs within nonprofit organizations.

Are you ready to transform? Contact us to start a conversation.

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