The Six Steps to Becoming a Nonprofit Data Management Ninja (Video)

Presented in partnership with Community IT Innovators.

In this webinar titled “We Are All Data Managers. Learn How to Up Your Game!” we outline the Six Steps to Becoming a Data Management Ninja.

This webinar teaches the skills, many of which are non-technical, that any nonprofit staff member needs to improve their role in data management.

The Six Steps to Becoming a Data Management Ninja

  1. Learn the nonprofit landscape
  2. Understand the relationships
  3. Learn your technology
  4. Become a data quality nerd
  5. Become a great communicator
  6. Become a super sleuth

Watch the video to learn more about why each of these steps is important and what you can do to get started!

Show Notes

This presentation is in two parts. The first part lasts until the 14:00 minute mark, and contains the formal presentation. The second part of the video is dedicated to Q&A with participants. We answer questions about getting started with data quality initiatives, emphasizing the value of leadership’s involvement in data strategy, integrations, and more.

Near the end of the first part of the presentation, a slide is provided listing the resources (including links) mentioned in the presentation. During the Q&A, a mention was made to our webinar from 2015 (also presented in partnership with Community IT) called How Data Quality Defines Your Organization.

For More Information…

If you watch this video and have questions that remain unanswered, please reach out to us.

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