Eneida PerezConsultant

Eneida Perez has lengthy experience working with data at nonprofits, from development teams to senior database management. An accomplished trainer, Eneida has created database training programs for a variety of nonprofit roles, and enjoys making data management accessible for all. At Build, Eneida uses her deep expertise and creative curiosity to analyze data processes and guide strategic change through her consulting work. She brings a flexible approach to organizational challenges, while maintaining a rock-solid commitment to working toward clear, strategic goals. 

“Beginning in a smaller team at a nonprofit, I learned early on the importance and power behind the data. My database upbringing didn’t begin with a focus on gift entry, but donor information. I started with a development coordinator mindset. Data enables the team to maximize fundraising goals and initiatives. From a data perspective, I love to see how donors respond to communications and how they evolve over time. It’s a huge puzzle for me that I enjoy helping to solve.”  — Eneida Perez

Eneida is available for guest podcasting engagements. To request Eneida, contact Build.

Background and Affiliations

Eneida Perez previously was a Senior Database Manager at a mid-sized nonprofit, where she managed and trained staff on all aspects of the organization’s Blackbaud suite including Raiser’s Edge and NetCommunity. This experience gave her first-hand knowledge of not just the Blackbaud suite but also the inner workings of nonprofit data teams and how these teams interact with executive leadership. Eneida began her career as a legal assistant, but her skills with research and database management, and desire to give back, led her to work in development in the nonprofit sector. From fundraising administration she moved into data management, seeing the impact good clean data can have on donation outcomes and, through funding, on nonprofit missions.

Eneida has a BA in Communication from the College of Saint Elizabeth, and an MA in English Literature from William Paterson University.  She is active in local animal rescues, particularly those for bully breeds. She also volunteers with organizations that assist those with disabilities. She is a member of online Raiser’s Edge communities that aim to support and mentor data managers.

She has been a certified Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge Professional since 2016.


Eneida Perez has held multiple roles in development and database management in small to mid-sized nonprofits. As a Senior Database Manager, she was responsible for all aspects of Blackbaud, beyond managing Raiser’s Edge. She created standard operating procedures, reports and dashboards for senior leadership, reviewed data pre and post migration, and upheld best practices in all systems. She managed event registrations and donations for large events, and managed onsite staff. This breadth of experience helps her relate to people at all levels of data responsibility and in diverse nonprofit roles. Each organization required a flexible and innovative approach to their database. Analyzing databases and database user goals feeds her creative and analytical sides.

Eneida created training programs for staff at all levels of the nonprofits where she worked, and enjoys making data entry and reporting accessible and approachable for everyone. She is always ready to share her technical skills while also explaining strategic data decisions in everyday language. As a trainer, Eneida knows that not everyone is as excited about data or data integrity as she is. She has learned how to translate information to various departments and staff levels and make training memorable and fun.

Areas of Technology Practice

  • Raiser’s Edge
  • NetCommunity
  • Sphere (until its extinction)
  • LO TeamRaiser
  • ImportOmatic

What Clients Say

  • “Values data integrity when considering the organization and donor needs”
  • “Open to discussions on needs and wants, but will remain transparent and truthful about next steps”
  • “Made the database work for our organization and unlocked the data potential”
  • “Has foresight and produces well thought-out approaches to situations”
  • “Remains calm and level-headed in chaotic or stressful situations”
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