Watt HamlettSenior Consultant

Watt Hamlett has 20 years of experience with technology in the nonprofit sector, focused on CRM, mission management, and constituent engagement. He has held leadership positions within nonprofits, technology vendors, and professional services firms and in those roles has worked with hundreds of organizations during their technology and services selection processes. Watt brings to his clients a valuable mix of experience as a technology practitioner within a national, federated nonprofit, as well as with technical solution design and implementation project design for a wide spectrum of organizations. Watt draws on that knowledge and experience to provide his nonprofit clients with tech assessments, business cases, blueprints, roadmaps, vendor selections, and implementation management, serving as their guide advocate through the complex process of evaluating and implementing technology. Watt’s area of specialization is the Salesforce ecosystem for nonprofits, where he has been focused since 2008. Since 2019, he has also served as an advisor to Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact team.

“Having been responsible for technology selection and management for a national nonprofit early in my career, I know the challenges and pitfalls first-hand. Since then, I have had a front-row seat to watch literally hundreds of nonprofits make decisions about technology. I’m happy to have a chance to bring those lessons learned to bear as I help my clients navigate and succeed with their own technology decisions.” – Watt Hamlett