Webinar: Development, Meet Accounting!

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Nonprofit organizations often enter and manage key financial data in places other than their accounting system—and require that the data flow into the general ledger.

But getting the data from those systems—for managing fundraising, membership, grants, or services—into the accounting system is rarely as straightforward as we would like it to be.

Join us for an “Ask the Experts” webinar, in which we answer your questions related to this topic.

Topic: Nonprofit Development, Meet Accounting: Managing the Full Lifecycle of Financial Data
Date/time: Wednesday, August 15, 4:00-5:00 PM ET
Cost: FREE

View or download a recording of the webinar (both video and MP3).

Presented in partnership with Community IT.

Do you struggle to integrate data in Development and Accounting systems?

Many nonprofits struggle to manage the entire lifecycle of financial transactions flowing into and out of the organization.

All nonprofits exert too much energy and time manually manipulating financial data inside or outside of their systems, performing duplicative data entry, exporting and importing data, debugging integration tools and processes, performing reconciliations, creating and maintaining reports, and responding to auditors.

While there are clearly technical challenges, often the heart of the problem is the need to reconcile the differences in requirements between departments – for example, Development and Accounting – where both have different but equally legitimate needs to view financial data in different ways.

Is there a better way?

Ask our experts! We’ve assembled a panel of three experts with more than 60 combined years of experience solving just these sorts of problems for nonprofit organizations. As we’ve worked with the World Wildlife Fund, Bread for the World, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the Meridian Institute, and hundreds of other organizations, we’ve picked up a few things about how to establish leadership and operational practices, business processes, data models, and technology environments that work together in solving our clients’ challenges.

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  • Debbie Cameron
    Debbie Cameron Managing Consultant

    Debbie transitioned to the nonprofit sector 13 years ago to follow her passion for advancing non-profit business through technology. Her 15 years of information technology and business management experience includes leading complex implementations that varies from short-term to multi-year initiatives. Debbie’s solution-focused approach empowers the success of her clients and their projects.

  • Peter Mirus
    Peter Mirus Partner

    Peter is an expert at helping organizations and people to learn, communicate, and grow through the use of information technology. He has over 20 years of experience as an executive, strategist, analyst, and solution developer, serving more than 80 non-profits and professional services firms ranging from start-ups to large international organizations.

  • Peter Gross
    Peter Gross Partner

    Peter caught the nonprofit bug 20 years ago, working for a passionate, innovative civil rights organization in Detroit. Build Consulting is an expression of his respect for similarly passionate organizations, and is focused by his belief that people who feel their time and skills are valued help create innovative and accomplished organizations.

Not able to attend the webinar?

If you are interested in the subject but are unable to attend the webinar in real time, go ahead and register anyway. A recording of the webinar (both video and MP3) will be made available to registrants after the webinar.

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