Nonprofit Case Management Software

Challenges and opportunities abound when navigating the nonprofit Case Management software landscape.

Nonprofit case management software is a central business tool for many nonprofits, particularly for organizations whose primary focus is delivering services to individual clients and measuring the impact of those services. This is particularly true in the human services industry, but also true within many other types of organizations.

In recent years, organizations thinking about their nonprofit case management software needs have had an increasingly complex landscape to navigate. There are more options than ever before! Stand-alone case management systems from industry stalwarts such as Social Solutions are compared not only to their traditional competitors such as CaseWorthy, Exponent, and Sumac, but also to native case management functions on CRM platforms (Salesforce, Dynamics 365), and even to customer service software like Zendesk.

Nonprofit organizations also face a challenge when thinking about the complexities of integrating a stand-alone case management system with their CRM, to develop a more complete view of their constituent interactions.

We can help you determine what Case Management software best meets your needs, or how to make best use of your existing systems.