Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Build

Our Work

Build recognizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion is an important part of the broader work of the nonprofit sector. There are significant, and persistent, challenges that impact the nonprofit technology sector as well as the broader technology sector.

The technology sector lacks diversity that extends from nonprofit technology leadership to the broader nonprofit technology workforce. This is something we are keenly aware of and working to make a positive impact making ongoing investments to create a more inclusive and equitable technology sector.  Some of those investments include:

  • Investing in and contributing to organizations that work to expand access for diverse communities in the nonprofit and commercial technology sector.
  • Expanding our recruitment efforts and hiring process to be more engaged with diverse and underrepresented communities.
  • Not working with organizations that explicitly seek to silence, marginalize, or oppress others including those identified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center

This is challenging and necessary work.  It takes time, effort, and a willingness to learn. But we strongly believe it is the right work to do as deepen our understanding of our individual and collective roles in creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company, nonprofit technology sector, and world.

Organizations we Support


Amplify historically excluded voices in technology, and those who support them, to be fearless leaders.

Dreamin' in Color

Dreamin’ In Color empowers Black professionals to thrive and succeed in the Salesforce economy.

Girls's Global Academy

Girls Global Academy is a community of dedicated innovators who believe girls matter.


Techqueria is a nonprofit that serves the largest global community of Latinx professionals in tech.


VetsinTech supports veterans with re-integration services, and by connecting them to the technology ecosystem.