Virtual CIOs

Outsourced nonprofit Virtual CIO services designed to advance your mission by harnessing data and technology.

Leadership that guides transformation.

A virtual CIO will help advance your mission by harnessing data and technology to produce outcomes.

Together with your team, we use technology to accelerate the strategies, programs and activities of your organization by:

  • Providing part-time or full-time CIO leadership, in short-term and long-term situations
  • Developing, communicating, and achieving buy-in for a technology strategy and roadmaps
  • Planning, managing and overseeing key projects
  • Assisting in the management of key technology (including software and IT infrastructure) and vendor relationships
  • Facilitating technology change through stakeholder analysis, change management, and rollout plans
  • Helping staff and leaders to grow in key information and technology skill-sets

Each Build CIO also has access to Build’s entire team of technologists and subject matter experts. This gives you access to a set of dynamic and expert resources that can lend their skills and experience to addressing your organization’s various technology efforts.

Why do you need an Virtual CIO from Build?

Organizations without the insight, experience, and skills of a CIO often meander from one technology project to another, with no cohesive direction or synergy between projects. A lack of focused attention on information and technology strategy frequently leads to failed projects, missed opportunities, and costly mistakes.

Build Virtual CIOs succeed

Our CIOs have extensive experience blending nonprofit and technology strategy. They work with your leadership and other team members to make sure technology serves the needs of the organization. Build Virtual CIOs are also attentive to how new technology brings organizational change, and help guide that change process.

Check out the projects where an Virtual CIO from Build has made a difference for nonprofit organizations just like yours.