Software Selections

Choose the right systems for your organization.

What is the right technology for your nonprofit?

The technology marketplace is fast-paced and ever-evolving. In recent years, even more options and considerations have emerged with cloud technologies.

This vast and changing landscape makes it challenging for nonprofits to identify the right technology solution to align to its unique operational needs.

How Build can help



Evaluate and document current processes, data, and technologies—and look for opportunities for improvement.


RFP Process

Design and execute a process that decreases white noise and leads to high-value vendor responses.


Vendor Selection

Analyze responses, conduct demos, and arrive at a clear decision.


Implementation Planning

Everything from project design, to change management, to training and testing plans.

The framework for success

We’ve developed the Build Information Strategy Framework™ to guide organizations through new technology selections—by considering the policies, operations, process, and data that will surround the new technology. This is critical perspective to make sure your nonprofit’s technology project succeeds, when over 50% fail.

Additionally, we’ve developed the Build Change Management Framework™, based on years of successfully helping organizations through system selection and implementation projects. To be successful with new technology, the change management process must start early—before the technology is even selected.

Why Build’s selections are valued

In addition to our information strategy and change management expertise, Build Consulting is independent and solution agnostic—we help select the system that is right for you, without any self-interests clouding our view.

We also stay current with market trends, emerging vendors, and product updates and roadmaps relevant to the nonprofit space. This knowledge allows our team to guide your organization through vendor evaluation and selection, and to find the solution that will fit well within your organization.

What happens next?

After the best technology for your organization has been selected, and implementation planning has begun, you may need expertise from someone who’s “been there before” to help guide and support your implementation.

Check out the projects where Build has made a difference for nonprofit organizations just like yours.