Our Story

Leveraging technology to improve nonprofit organizations as they work to change the world.

Who We Are

Build Consulting was created to help nonprofits like yours reach their goals. We are inspired by nonprofits who are driven to transform themselves and, ultimately, the world.

We have a passion for leveraging data and technology to improve nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit technology projects fail at a rate of over 50%. Build Consulting is on a mission to change that. We view technology change as organizational change.

Build Consulting has extensive experience transforming nonprofit organizations. We marry deep data and information technology experience with an on-the-ground knowledge of the daily realities of life at a nonprofit.

Because of our experience, we understand your unique challenges… and can ground your organization in what is needed to get the most from your investments.

  • We hired Build Consulting to evaluate our CRM strategy from top to bottom. As a former Big 6 management consultant, I’m a stickler for good methodology. Build Consulting delivered.

    Mike Bechtel Ounce of Prevention Fund

Our Team

  • David Deal
    David Deal Partner

    Over 20 years ago while doing a year of volunteer service at a nonprofit, David found his passion by helping a nonprofit and its staff use technology effectively. His career has built on that theme ever since and in its newest expression is Build Consulting. At Build, David gets to guide and support nonprofits in developing their information management capacity.

  • Peter Gross
    Peter Gross Partner

    Peter caught the nonprofit bug 20 years ago, working for a passionate, innovative civil rights organization in Detroit. Build Consulting is an expression of his respect for similarly passionate organizations, and is focused by his belief that people who feel their time and skills are valued help create innovative and accomplished organizations.

  • Kyle Haines
    Kyle Haines Partner

    Kyle is passionate about all things design. An architect at heart, he finds joy in creating evocative and engaging “things”. This passion spans his personal and professional life and is most notable in the visually engaging way that Build Consulting communicates. Kyle volunteers with two organizations to improve the sustainability of his community.

  • Peter Mirus
    Peter Mirus Partner

    Peter is an expert at helping organizations and people to learn, communicate, and grow through the use of information technology. He has more than 15 years of experience as an executive, strategist, analyst, and solution developer, serving more than 30 non-profits and 40 professional services firms ranging from start-ups to large international organizations.

  • Jo Butler
    Jo Butler Nonprofit CRM Manager

    Jo loves to travel the world, immersing herself in different cultures and customs. Originally from Australia, she moved to Washington, D.C. in 2005, where she has worked exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Jo positively impacts fundraising and development operations with her ability to translate complex business problems into well-implemented process and technology solutions.

  • Debbie Cameron
    Debbie Cameron Managing Consultant

    Debbie transitioned to the nonprofit sector 13 years ago to follow her passion for advancing non-profit business through technology. Her 15 years of information technology and business management experience includes leading complex implementations that varies from short-term to multi-year initiatives. Debbie’s solution-focused approach empowers the success of her clients and their projects.

  • Heather Snook
    Heather Snook CRM Database Administrator

    Heather has spent her career working with nonprofits.  She is an expert in CRM strategy and management, with a knack for making systems user-friendly and accessible. Heather approaches problems as puzzles to be solved, focusing on what success looks like for each user and finding a way to make moving pieces fit together.

  • Throughout the entire process, Build Consulting was the epitome of professionalism and amazingly they approached each cumbersome step with common sense, sound judgment, patience, and good humor.

    Craig Sholley African Wildlife Foundation

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Who We Serve

Nothing makes us happier than leveraging technology and change to make our nonprofit clients more efficient, more effective, and more sustainable. We’ve had the honor of working with over 500 great nonprofits, including:

Learn how we brought our theory of transformation to these great nonprofits.

  • Build provided the missing link in our Salesforce implementation project. Their wise council, detailed process documentation and expert knowledge was invaluable saving us significant time and money.

    Amy Gill Women for Women International

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