Getting the Most from Conferences, the Build Way

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Conferences can be overwhelming, inspiring, exhausting, and rewarding all at the same time. Often, people think that it’s all about developing the perfect, most action-packed personal agenda. In our experience, that’s not what makes for success.

Here is our advice on how to “win the conference!”

Balance education with inspiration

Finds sessions that inspire you, even if they are not directly related to the work that you do. This takes an enormous amount of pressure off of you to find the “perfect” sessions. In my more than fifteen years of attending conferences, I have never missed a session and felt like I missed the opportunity of a lifetime. This strategy can actually can help you leave the conference not feeling overwhelmed with information, but overjoyed with inspiration.

Step outside your network; meet new people

Man this is tough for me. But, what I’ve realized is that this is tough for most people. Nearly everyone at a conference is in the exact same place. When I’ve taken risks, and focused not only on reconnecting with old colleagues or clients, I meet new people, learn new perspectives, and build my network in meaningful and authentic ways.

Take care of yourself

Far too many people push themselves to not miss a moment of the conference. Or, they feel guilty about skipping a session. Take care of yourself. Take breaks. Go back to your hotel and reset. Go outside. However you recharge, give yourself permission to do the things that energize you. As a conference veteran, it’s always easy to spot the folks who have burned the candle at both ends.

Most importantly, no matter what the conference, keep your eye on the main goal: leaving inspired is what ultimately makes for a successful experience.

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