Our Team

Our team is passionate, creative, and strategic about changing how nonprofits leverage technology.

  • David Deal Partner

    David co-founded Build Consulting in 2015, building on over 20 years of deep experience in the nonprofit technology sector. His work for Build’s clients has a broad focus spanning many operational areas including fundraising, program and case management, human resources, accounting, and many others.  More »

  • Bryan Radtke Senior Consultant

    Bryan has more than 20 years of experience working in a wide range of industries spanning both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  For the past 10 years, he has worked exclusively with non-profits, providing strategic IT leadership for both global and national organizations, driving technology strategy, improving operational capabilities, and leading diverse IT teams.  More »

  • Debbie Cameron Engagement Manager

    Debbie’s decade of experience at nonprofits before joining Build prepared her for the Engagement Manager role with our firm. Large engagements have allowed her to develop a deep expertise in project management and prioritization. Debbie has consistently demonstrated an ability to get things done amidst conflict and challenges, and she is a creative problem-solver. More »

  • Peter Mirus Partner

    Peter co-founded Build Consulting in 2015, following over 15 years of nonprofit consulting experience in the areas of technology, branding, marketing, and development. Peter’s work for Build clients has a broad focus spanning many operational areas, including fundraising, program monitoring and evaluation, accounting, and impact reporting/analysis. More »

  • Jennifer Keller Jackson Director, Business Development

    Jennifer has deep experience in the nonprofit community, with both developing and running programs and teams. Her background includes working with local and national organizations in experiential education and technology for social impact. At Build, she leads the development of client relationships. She brings over 20 years’ experience in nonprofits and has firsthand experience with using complex systems in support of a mission. More »

  • Dan Shenk-Evans Senior Consultant

    For almost 25 years, Dan has guided nonprofits through IT strategic planning and implementation projects that have transformed their missions. He has a wide range of IT skills, including researching, selecting, and implementing innovative solutions that enhance service impact and re-engineer inefficient workflows. More »

  • Eneida Perez Consultant

    Eneida has lengthy experience working with data at nonprofits, from development teams to senior database management. An accomplished trainer, Eneida enjoys making data management accessible for all. At Build, Eneida uses her deep expertise and creative curiosity to analyze data processes and guide strategic change through her consulting work.  More »

  • Aisha Maroon Consultant

    The unique experience of being a military spouse has taught Aisha the skills necessary to be a chameleon in any industry. Over the past ten years, she has built a successful career in project management, marketing, events, and fundraising. Her background in building and cultivating business relationships, as well as her ability to use creativity and problem-solving skills, make her an asset to any project she joins. More »

  • James Szmak Senior Consultant

    James has implemented CRM solutions in organizations large and small, domestic and international over the past 18 years. Each of the implementations began with a details assessment of what success looks like from all users, the successful deployment strategy, a broad communication plan and clear change management rigor. More »

  • Kyle Haines Partner

    Kyle co-founded Build Consulting in 2015, after working in and with nonprofit organizations to improve their development operations and technology for over 20 years. Kyle’s consulting work at Build touches all nonprofit operational areas—but has a strong focus on using technology to enhance constituent experiences, which leads to improved fundraising and greater mission impact. More »

  • Jennifer Morrison Business Manager

    Jennifer has 15 years’ experience as a business administrator and project manager in a variety of industries. She is skilled in process and procedure development and implementation, including quality control procedures, and has various technical skills. She has served multiple firms at the startup phase, and has helped others identify process bottlenecks and increase overall efficiency and production. More »

  • Jo Butler Senior Nonprofit CRM Manager

    Jo joined Build after working in nonprofits for over a decade. She understands from experience the challenges inherent in fundraising, development, financial reconciliation, and constituent relationship tracking. Jo brings her long standing reputation as the “go-to” person for all things data to her Nonprofit CRM Manager consulting work at Build. More »

A Broad Network of Experts

In addition to our excellent team members shown above, Build maintains a broad network of trusted relationships. This allows us to scale project teams in size, geographic reach, and subject matter expertise to meet the needs of a diverse group of nonprofits.

  • Throughout the entire process, Build Consulting was the epitome of professionalism and amazingly they approached each cumbersome step with common sense, sound judgment, patience, and good humor.

    Craig Sholley African Wildlife Foundation

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