Where are all the good nonprofit strategy articles?

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Nonprofit leaders crave nonprofit strategy insight. They want to know: “Where are the good sources for nonprofit strategy?”

Insight for nonprofit strategy is everywhere

Strategic, business, or technology content (magazines, websites, etc.) do not need to be written targeted to nonprofits in order to be relevant to them.

Taking an us (nonprofit) vs. them (for-profit) view when it comes to content is a mistake. This prevents nonprofits from expanding their perspective and knowledge.

The reality is that insight for nonprofit strategy is everywhere.

For-profit publications bring a wealth of information. They speak about the topics highly relevant to nonprofits such as:

  • Developing strong and successful business cultures
  • Engaging leadership in organizational and technology strategy
  • Tracking trends, opportunities and challenges in technology and data

These subjects are considered from many perspectives, both non-profit and for-profit. Therefore, you’re likely missing a wealth of information if you’re only focused on non-profit-focused publications.

Some of our favorite nonprofit strategy sources

For this reason, in addition to reading material from non-profit-focused sources such as NTEN, we recommend you invest yourself in the following publications for inspiration as well as strategic and tactical insight. Some of our favorite sources include:

  1. InformationWeek — We find this publication helpful for identifying technology and data trends, particularly in regards to network security, as well as building tech and data-friendly business cultures.
  2. CIO Journal — From the Wall Street Journal. Also helpful for identifying technology and data trends, and includes content from Deloitte that speaks to those issues plus workforce development.
  3. Harvard Business Review — A wealth of information on a variety of topics, but we find it most helpful for organizational strategy, leadership, and change management.
  4. Fast Company — Again, covers a lot of topics. But, we look to this source for inspiration on functional design, innovative leadership, and work/life balance.
  5. Wired — Particularly helpful for understanding how technology intersects with popular culture and personal life, as these often set expectations for how technology should perform in the workplace.

What are your favorite publications directed primarily at for-profits that benefit and inspire you as a non-profit professional? Let us know by commenting below.

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