Communication System Selection Assistance for Youth-Focused Policy and Practice Nonprofit

The Story

A nonprofit that supports leaders to improve policy and practices for young people was using an outdated internal calling system that relied on physical servers in their offices in Michigan and Washington, DC. Though the organization had planned to retire the system and replace it with a VOIP, the timeline was accelerated due to COVID-19, in both negative and positive ways. One physical location was closed indefinitely, and all employees were sent to work from home. On the up side, many users were accustomed to not having physical desk phones and were open to transitioning to digital options.

Build worked with a broker to identify three likely replacement options for the physical calling system. Pricing, platform unification, employee familiarity, and plan flexibility were key considerations when helping the organization select a solution. For an organization that was already deeply invested in Microsoft Teams and ably using the software for internal video and audio meetings, the decision was clear to pair Call Tower with Microsoft Teams for a replacement system.

Services Provided

Systems Evaluated

  • Vonage
  • Ring Central
  • Microsoft Teams + Call Tower

Organizational Areas

  • Accounting
  • Association Membership
  • Grants
  • Programs
  • Marketing / Communications
  • Development
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Executive Team


For More Information

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