Nonprofit Collaboration, Project, and Task Management Software

Challenges and opportunities abound when navigating the nonprofit Collaboration and Task Management software landscape.

Nonprofit organizations have a variety of collaboration, project, and task management software needs, to support everything from day-to-day internal operations to complex program and project management. And, as with other software categories such as File Management, there are more competitors in the market than ever before. So how can you determine the best software to help support your needs?

The answer to this question is determined through an evaluation of how the different parts of your organization function. The collaboration and project management needs of the Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, or Development teams might vary from the needs of various programmatic teams.

Also as with File Management, collaboration and task management features are included within many different systems. For example, your collaboration tools (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Slack) your CRM platform (Salesforce, Dynamics 365), and your ERP system (Intacct, NetSuite) all provide some collaboration and task management abilities. How do you determine, promote, and enforce what systems should be used for what functionality?

We can help you determine what Collaboration, Project, and Task Management software best meets your needs, or how to make best use of your existing systems.