Nonprofit Digital Engagement Software

Challenges and opportunities abound when navigating the nonprofit Digital Engagement software landscape.

There is perhaps no more of a confusing nonprofit software category than “digital engagement,” which encompasses a wide range of functionality including fundraising, email marketing, social media management, advocacy, peer-to-peer, online communities, SMS, and even website content management systems.

The challenge, then, in choosing the right software to meet your needs is heavily dependent on your ability to clearly define what journey you want constituents of different types to travel with your organization. Which parts of those journeys will be driven by which engagement approaches? Where will digital play a lead role, and where a supportive role?

Digital engagement software often overlaps with functionality in constituent relationship management (CRM) software. Therefore, any holistic evaluation of your organization’s digital engagement needs should also encompass the CRM system.

We can help you determine what Digital Engagement software best meets your needs, or how to make best use of your existing systems.