Nonprofit ERP and Accounting Software

Challenges and opportunities abound when navigating the nonprofit ERP landscape.

Organizations face an interesting challenge when it comes to choosing the right nonprofit ERP or accounting software for their needs: a wide range of vendors with good products, directly competing for a share of the nonprofit market as never before.

In terms of their core accounting functionality (general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable), there may not be a significant difference between some of the completing ERP providers. But there are a large number of factors to consider outside of that, particularly when it comes to evaluating areas of functionality overlapping with third-party tools that may or may not integrate with a given ERP.

Project financials, time management, expense management, AR and AP process automation, budgeting and forecasting, fixed assets, allocations, reconciliations, payroll, etc. are all areas where there might be an advantage to using a third-party tool, and that could impact which ERP your organization chooses.

We can help you determine what nonprofit ERP and accounting software best meets your needs, or how to make best use of your existing systems.