Nonprofit Human Resources Software

Challenges and opportunities abound when navigating the nonprofit HRIS landscape.

A human resource information systems (HRIS) is an important part of managing your nonprofit’s team members—and helping to make sure their experience with your organization is a positive one. Nonprofit human resources software is a big necessary investment. How can you maximize your returns?

From recruiting and applicant tracking, to onboarding, to payroll and benefits administration, to performance management… even time and attendance—the system you use for managing human resources can greatly impact how staff view the operational competency of your organization, and whether or not it values them enough to make these things a smooth process.

It can be difficult for nonprofits to determine the best value for their dollar when it comes to investing in better HR software functionality—or thinking about where software they already (such as in their nonprofit ERP software) have might meet the need on a temporary or permanent basis.

We can help you determine what HRIS/nonprofit human resources software best meets your needs, or how to make best use of your existing systems.

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