Build an Information Strategy for Your Organization

From the nonprofit CIO to the executive needing to change your approach to technology investment, an information strategy framework is essential. Our whitepaper Build an Information Strategy for Your Organization will help.

The framework is the starting point before undertaking large technology change. It creates a high-level inventory of what needs to be in place – things that often go under-invested in.

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More than 50 percent of nonprofit technology projects fail

A large percentage of technology projects fail to achieve their goals. Often, they fail outright.

Technology often gets the blame. In our experience, it’s usually something else. Often, failure is due to lack of information management strategy in one or more critical areas.

Your organization can build the capacity to successfully select and implement game-changing technologies

Creating a good information strategy is key to transforming how your organization approaches technology. An information strategy defines the path that the organization must travel in order to improve in information management. It spans leadership/governance, operations, process, data, and technology.

This approach helps many of our clients feel like then can create order from technology chaos.

This whitepaper provides critical insight derived from our partners’ decades of experience

At Build Consulting, we’re committed to nonprofit transformation. If you have questions about this whitepaper, or need help incorporating our information strategy into your organization, we’d love to hear from you.

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