Build Projects

Technology assessments and roadmaps, system selections, and guidance through implementations.

What are your nonprofit’s needs?

Nonprofit organizations come to us for a variety of reasons, including overcoming current technology challenges, defining a clear direction for IT and data strategy, or trying to improve process outcomes.

Whatever your challenge, we’ll work to understand your organization in its current state of evolution, listen to your pain points, hopes and dreams, and collaboratively figure out how to accomplish your goals!

How Build can help

Assess your technology, create a roadmap to the future.
Whether you want to assess your entire information technology landscape, or just one particular area of need.
Choose the right technology for your organization.
Going beyond requirements definition to understanding how new technology will change your organization.
Transform your organization with new technology.
Aligning your stakeholders, policy, operations, processes, and data so you'll be successful with your new tech.

The framework for success

More than 50% of nonprofit technology projects fail—most often because the organization doesn’t sufficiently transform itself along with the technology.

Build Consulting’s approach uses a methodology focused on stakeholder engagement and change management, to align the project to the organization’s culture and strategic goals. We will bring not only transformative technology to your organization, but also the new policies, operational practices, processes, and data that you need to be successful.

Where to begin?

All of our engagements begin with some form of assessment, whether large or small, that grounds us in the realities of your organization (including technology) and sets the stage for system selection and implementation projects.

Check out the projects where Build has made a difference for nonprofit organizations just like yours.

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