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Kyle co-founded Build Consulting in 2015, after working in and with nonprofit organizations to improve their Development operations and technology for over 20 years. Kyle has served as the interim CIO for several organizations, where he enjoys helping organization transform. Kyle’s consulting work at Build touches all nonprofit operational areas—but has a strong focus on using technology to enhance experiences. Internally, Kyle leads our marketing and support efforts to create and maintain a strong corporate culture in which our team can grow and flourish.

My favorite part of working with clients is the moment that they realize that while Build is filled with technologists, we don’t see technology as the hammer for every nail. They develop trust that we won’t push technology change on them without understanding and planning for the impact on the organization.” — Kyle Haines

Kyle is available for guest blogging, podcasting, webinars, and speaking engagements. To request Kyle, contact Build.

Background and Affiliations

Prior to forming Build, Kyle Haines partnered with Peter Gross (Partner, Build Consulting) at Dot Org Consulting. Their emphasis was on nonprofit technology, with specialization in CRM and engagement systems. Their work together produced positive impacts for some of the world’s largest and most important nonprofit organizations.

In 1999 Kyle joined the nascent Professional Services division at Blackbaud. He there met Peter Gross, and they were part of the team that helped define the earliest implementation offerings, as Blackbaud recognized that their software required implementation assistance in addition to simple training.

He started his career at a statewide advocacy and direct service organization in Oregon, where he led the modernization of their Development operations and the implementation of Raiser’s Edge.

Kyle graduated from the College of Wooster in 1994 with a degree in Urban Studies. Kyle is currently active in NTEN and with The Goat Farm Foundation.


Kyle Haines’ entire career has been working with nonprofits, and through much of that time he has focused on the constituent experience of organizations. Working with so many nonprofits, with various missions, structures, operational maturity levels, and technology states, gives him a unique perspective on what it takes for an organization, at the deepest cultural levels, to have long and fruitful relationships with both donors and program beneficiaries. Kyle has enjoyed serving as CIO for several Build clients, as that gives him the opportunity to address deep-seated challenges and have a lasting impact on the ability of that nonprofit to accomplish their mission.

By starting with a specialization in CRM at Blackbaud, Kyle’s thinking has long been oriented to understanding and transforming constituent experiences. His instinct is always to try to understand, “What does the constituent want from us? What does the world look like from their standpoint?”  This is a critical skill for any CIO to learn and nurture.

Kyle looks for opportunities to transform the experiences of those impacted by technological and digital transformation—be they internally or externally focused.

Areas of Technology Practice

  • Blackbaud CRM
  • Raiser’s Edge
  • Luminate Online
  • SharePoint
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics for Sales
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • WordPress
  • Teamwork Projects

What Clients Say

  • “Kyle understands that technology extends an experience, but is not the entire experience”
  • “He gets the unique culture of our organization”
  • “A vital part of our organization”
  • “A true thought partner on using technology to advance the goals of our organization”


  • Fireside Chat interview series
  • Panelist at 2021 Responsive Nonprofit Summit, “Tech Leaders: The Changing Role Technology Plays in Fundraising Growth”
  • Development, Meet Accounting! JMT Consulting Webinar 2020
  • “Hacking User Experience” at BBCON 2017
  • Panelist at a 2016 BBCON session, along with representatives from Blackbaud and Microsoft, to discuss opportunities for technology innovation in the social good community.

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