Technology strategy is organizational strategy.

We partner with the leading nonprofits, foundations, and associations to integrate technology with their organizational strategies.

Interim or Part-Time CIOs
Interim or Part-Time CIOs
Interim or Part-Time CIOs
An experienced nonprofit CIO, who will work collaboratively with your leadership to create an environment that leverages data and technology to produce outcomes.
Assessments and Roadmaps
Assessments and Roadmaps
Assessments and Roadmaps
Whether you want to assess your entire information technology landscape, or just one particular area of need.
CRM Management
CRM Management
CRM Management
Our data managers know nonprofits, fundraising, and CRMs. They take care of your data management, so you can strategically create stronger constituent relationships.

We guide organizations through the complexities of technology change.


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Discover how our team helps your nonprofit organization with a comprehensive technology assessment and roadmap for unique needs and challenges.


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Leverage our extensive expertise in technology transformation so your organization chooses the right technology and is prepared for change.



Learn how our team, with 20+ years of technology leadership, crafts technology strategies for your organization’s short, mid, and long-term goals.



Enhance your organization with a unified approach to change and project management that aligns your team for successful project outcomes.


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Harness the true potential of your data with our expertise. Our experts know nonprofits, engagement, and CRMs to help you create stronger and deeper relationships.

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Our seasoned team empowers nonprofits with transformative solutions, leveraging years of sector experience to boost engagement, evaluate impact, and enhance operational efficiency.

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Fireside Chat: Ryan Ozimek and Watt Hamlett on Microsoft’s Vision for AI

Kyle has a conversation with Ryan and Watt on their insights after attending the inaugural Global Leaders Summit for nonprofits.


Making IT Governance Work for Your Nonprofit

A panel webinar with Jeff Gibson from Build and Nura Aboki from Community IT discussing the importance of leadership in setting IT policy to protect your organization.


Nonprofit Artificial Intelligence: Governance and File Sharing

To prepare for the use of Generative AI tools like Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot, it’s vital that nonprofits understand and actively manage access permissions to a degree that most never have.

Creating a CRM Roadmap for the UN Foundation

As the UN Foundation diversified and expanded their strategies, they needed to change how CRM supported their work. Build started with an technology assessment, before proposing specific changes to technology which gave the organization a clear roadmap from which to approach their technology strategy.

But our findings also provided an opportunity to understand how the foundation must transform to get the most from their CRM investment.

  • Build Consulting has a strong and broad view of the nonprofit landscape. Their team is professional and highly qualified. Their work helped our organization prepare for the changes that were needed.

    Dan Hardy Resources for Community Development
  • We have 100% trust in Build. They evaluate situation from all angles and present the solution that works best for our organization. The service and results that Build delivers are of the highest quality.

    Bridget Weston SCORE Association
  • Build Consulting excels in communicating. They communicated not only what we needed but were able to explain why we needed it. Their communication style helps keep people, regardless of their role or experience, engaged in the process.

    Brian McNamee Academy of Hope
  • I’ve lived through assessments where the solution was always “more and better IT.” Build took a different approach. They encouraged us to get the business processes right – before we invest in technology. They think about information systems from a business perspective, not solely a technology one.

    Andrew Axelrod UN Foundation
  • Build dug into the details, they politely asked the same questions five times until they got an answer. They were very professional, very smooth. They gave us the sense of being part of a solution. After 30 years of doing things the same way, they showed us that there is room to change and room to grow. They are a wealth of knowledge, the consultants can relate to our experience and were excellent. In terms of the project as a whole, the methodology that we went through was marvelous.

    Phillip Hall Winterthur Museum
  • Build Consulting's high level of emotional intelligence combined with their vast technical knowledge was directly tied to the success of the project.

    Karen Rivas Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School
  • I found my contact at Build to provide excellent insight and recommendations for a roadmap that was delivered in layman's terms and achievable. I felt in great hands working with Build!

    The Actors' Center
  • Build became part of the team and took joint ownership of the project and finding the solution. This was not your typical consulting engagement. Build is really invested in the success of nonprofits and they were so quick to jump in and got the lay of the land right away.

    NeighborWorks America
  • Build has provided superior and trusted outsourced CIO services to Downtown DC for over six years, guiding and orchestrating work including CRM, cybersecurity, knowledge management, HR information systems, financial systems, GIS, SSO, cloud migrations, and more.

    Neil Albert Downtown DC
  • We hired Build Consulting to evaluate our CRM strategy from top to bottom. As a former Big 6 management consultant, I’m a stickler for good methodology. Build Consulting delivered.

    Mike Bechtel Ounce of Prevention Fund
  • Throughout the entire process, Build Consulting was the epitome of professionalism and amazingly they approached each cumbersome step with common sense, sound judgment, patience, and good humor.

    Craig Sholley African Wildlife Foundation
  • What was so great was knowing that Build could handle it - knowing I picked the right people. Knowing that I could lean on Build was super important. It went very well. Build didn't let any grass grow under our feet - they were great at moving things along.

    Delma Plummer Bread for the World
  • We love Build. They listen very well and then give their thoughts. They have some great insights.

    Jackie Manguso Meridian Institute
  • Build Consulting has an incredible ability to manage the multiple facets of a project and approach with a logical perspective. Their consultants are proactive instead reactive. They acknowledge the interpersonal dynamics and other sensitive pieces of an organization.

    Denise Dolan Fisher House Foundation
  • Build provided the missing link in our Salesforce implementation project. Their wise council, detailed process documentation and expert knowledge was invaluable saving us significant time and money.

    Amy Gill Women for Women International
  • Build is unique in that they lean in to understand not only their client's business outcomes but also the client's culture. They have helped us develop internal structures that will serve Young Life well into the future.

    Young Life