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Here’s How Build Can Help

More than 50% of technology projects fail. The technology moves forward, but the organization stays in place. Why? Because although new technology can be powerful, it can’t transform a nonprofit on its own.

We help nonprofits make the most out of their technology in three ways:

Build CIO
Build CIO
Part-time or interim CIO services designed to advance your mission by harnessing data and technology.
Build Projects
Build Projects
Technology assessments and roadmaps, system selections, and guidance through implementations.
Build Teams
Build Teams
Outsourced CRM data managers with deep development operations experience.

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A Good Nonprofit CRM Database Manager is Hard to Find

Join Build Consulting expert Peter Mirus from 1-2pm Thursday, March 28th, 2019 for an interactive webinar on CRM Database manager characteristics to look for when hiring.


What Makes Nonprofit Technology Projects Succeed?

Resources to help you become an advocate for successful technology project approaches at your organization and be part of the 50% of projects that succeed.


Examples of Audit Queries for Improved Nonprofit CRM Data Health (PDF)

These examples, and a sample timetable for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual clean up, will help you plan to keep your donor database healthy.

Creating a CRM Roadmap for a Leading Global Foundation

A leading global foundation needed to change how their CRM technology supported them as they shifted how they raised money. Build started with an Assessment, before proposing specific changes to technology which gave the organization a clear roadmap from which to approach their technology strategy and investments.

But our findings also provided an opportunity to do more…

  • Build provided the missing link in our Salesforce implementation project. Their wise council, detailed process documentation and expert knowledge was invaluable saving us significant time and money.

    Amy Gill Women for Women International
  • I’ve lived through assessments where the solution was always “more and better IT”. Build took a different approach. They encouraged us to get the business processes right – before we invest in technology. They think about information systems from a business perspective, not solely a technology one.

    Andrew Axelrod UN Foundation
  • Throughout the entire process, Build Consulting was the epitome of professionalism and amazingly they approached each cumbersome step with common sense, sound judgment, patience, and good humor.

    Craig Sholley African Wildlife Foundation
  • We hired Build Consulting to evaluate our CRM strategy from top to bottom. As a former Big 6 management consultant, I’m a stickler for good methodology. Build Consulting delivered.

    Mike Bechtel Ounce of Prevention Fund

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