CRM Roadmap for a Leading Global Foundation

The Client

  • A high-profile foundation with global reach
  • Primary focus on energy and climate, global health, and women and population
  • Works to solve global problems through partnerships with hundreds of organizations and over 100 countries

The Opportunity

The best nonprofit organizations use constituent data to better understand what drives engagement, and how to create opportunities to strengthen and grow constituent relationships. Organizations that have information spread across multiple, disconnected constituent relationship management (CRM) systems often lack the ability to create an accurate picture of those critical relationships and make informed decisions.

Our client was in just such a predicament. But it saw an opportunity for positive change—to make a strong organization even stronger.

The organization envisioned a cohesive information ecosystem that mirrored how they worked. That system would make them more operationally efficient and effective while offering a complete view of constituent activity, while interacting well with marketing and financial systems.

The Solution

To perform our assessment, we sat down with stakeholders across the organization to get a good sense of the organization’s strategic priorities and business requirements. Following those discussions, we performed walkthroughs of the current systems to see what was working well, and what wasn’t.

A critical thing we learned during the assessment was that operational decisions were being driven by the belief that what came first, before all else, was a completely clean audit. While this goal was not to be discarded, it needed to be balanced with other strategic priorities for that were vital to the organization growing and thriving.

We recommended that the organization look carefully at the culture that had developed around clean audits. In many ways, it had become part of the organizational “DNA” and impacted how software selections and implementations were organized.

This became a key point among several strategic considerations in the roadmap. We made specific technology recommendations while also addressing some needed areas of organizational change necessary to unlocking the full potential in their technology.

The Results

The findings in our assessment gave the organization a clear roadmap from which to approach their technology strategy and investments. But our findings also provided an opportunity to pause and address the necessary organizational change to remove some roadblocks in their approach to data and technology.

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