Black Lives Matter

 In Announcements

We stand in solidarity with those seeking to bring about change. 

We do not tolerate racism.

We do not believe in complacency.  

Build Consulting has long recognized that we can be a force for good by creating a more diverse and representative nonprofit technology community. The outpouring of emotions, over the past weeks, surrounding systemic racial inequities has caused us to reflect upon “What more can we do that is meaningful, impactful, and lasting?” 

We know we want, and need, to be part of a broader solution, and that there are ways we can do more. Starting is often the hardest part, but we are committed to having meaningful conversations that will help define our role. We are committed to listening and learning, then using that energy and information to take meaningful actions going forward.  

There is much we can do together. It will not be easy, but the most important work rarely is. 

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