Change Management for a Global, Faith-Based Youth Organization’s Salesforce Implementation

The Story

One of the world’s largest faith-based youth organizations, with thousands of staff and many more volunteers, was in the process of transitioning to a centralized CRM platform (Salesforce). They recognized that moving from thousands of data silos to one cohesive unit was going to be an enormous effort—and tapped Build’s expertise to help lead the effort.

Together, the organization and Build developed a comprehensive stakeholder impact analysis and change management plan, providing clear direction for leadership alignment, communications, training, and support need to shift the entire organization to Salesforce. This included consideration of many policy, process, data, and technology changes. Build provided professional development to help boost the organization’s internal capacity for project and change management, which provided a key benefit both the CRM roll-out effort as well as other important (unrelated) policy and technology initiatives.

In Their Own Words

“Build took a careful and change-oriented approach to leading our budgeting and reporting software selection process. They wanted to make sure the systems and vendors we ended up with would be used at a high level throughout our organization.”

Services Provided

Systems Evaluated

  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce Communities
  • Zendesk

Organizational Areas

  • Volunteer management
  • Service/case management

For More Information

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Systems Replacement for a Global NGO