Survey, Data Analysis, and Benchmarking System Selection Assistance for a National Library Association

The Story

A national library association that provides organizational leadership and support to its public library and higher education library members was working with an antiquated annual survey and benchmarking tool that was difficult to use and did not provide robust reporting functionality nor advanced survey management. Difficulty using the tool by association members caused reduced survey engagement and member dissatisfaction. The association sought a tool that was able to collect data, analyze results, and provide reports and dashboards for benchmarking in a more user-friendly interface.

Build led a system selection that first outlined the workflow process for the annual survey and documented the members’ reporting requirements. Following the outline, Build researched the vendor marketplace, including both custom and off the shelf solutions. Build created an RFP that used the visual workflow to organize and identify the requirements needed in a solution. After reviewing the initial vendor RFP responses, we helped the association narrow down the field to three finalists. Build led solution demonstrations with each vendor, helped formalize scoring, and ultimately assisted the association with the decision. The association was satisfied with the project and their chosen solution. After a very successful prototyping and scoping process, the association chose to lead the implementation process internally in partnership with the system vendor.

In Their Own Words

“The Build team has a deep, working knowledge of IT systems and business applications—and are uniquely positioned to help non-profits ours improve their approach to making IT investment decisions. Their work surfaced critical insights for managers looking to implement both innovative and practical changes in our approach to selecting a vendor, as well as re-imagining the possibilities for our data product rebuild. I would recommend Build to anyone seeking valuable insight and consulting to help them get more value from their technology decisions.” – Associate Director

Services Provided

Systems Evaluated

  • Gravitate Solutions
  • Community Attributes
  • Proximo (Power BI)
  • PWC Saratoga
  • Dynamic Benchmarking
  • AbsolutData
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Qualtrics
  • Tableau

Organizational Areas

  • Programs (Survey & Statistics)
  • Impact and Advocacy
  • Information Technology Policy


For More Information

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