What Do Nonprofits Need From Their Tech Leaders? (Video, MP3)

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Listen to the MP3 of this webinar. This webinar did not rely extensively on visuals, and lends itself well to listening.

Technology leaders at nonprofit organizations come in all sorts and job descriptions, according to the resources and the needs of the organizations they serve. Some organizations have a CIO, others an IT Director, and sometimes a Finance, Operations, Administrative, or Programs executive or manager takes on the technology leadership role. But what do nonprofits need from their tech leaders?

Build Consulting believes there are a few indispensable qualities or capabilities that all tech leaders should have, regardless of what they otherwise do.

Peter Mirus and David Deal at Build were pleased to partner with Community IT Innovators to present a webinar on technology leadership best practices.

If your nonprofit is struggling with leadership methods and decision making in these fast-changing times, Build can help. Peter and David draw on years of experience consulting with nonprofits on technology projects to give you practical steps to implement quickly.

There was a 15 minute Q&A following the webinar, answering real-life questions and scenarios posed by attendees. As with all our webinars, this presentation is appropriate for an audience of varied IT experience.


  • Peter Mirus Partner

    Peter co-founded Build Consulting in 2015, following over 15 years of nonprofit consulting experience in the areas of technology, branding, marketing, and development. Peter’s work for Build clients has a broad focus spanning many operational areas, including fundraising, program monitoring and evaluation, accounting, and impact reporting/analysis. More »

  • David Deal Partner

    David co-founded Build Consulting in 2015, building on over 20 years of deep experience in the nonprofit technology sector. His work for Build’s clients has a broad focus spanning many operational areas including fundraising, program and case management, human resources, accounting, and many others.  More »


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