Nonprofit Development, Meet Accounting! (Video and MP3)

Recording of a webinar presented in partnership with Community IT Innovators.

Download the MP3 of this webinar. This webinar did not rely extensively on visuals, and lends itself well to listening.

Nonprofit organizations often enter and manage key financial data in places other than their accounting system—and require that the data flow into the general ledger.

But getting the data from those systems—for managing fundraising, membership, grants, or services—into the accounting system is rarely as straightforward as we would like it to be.

In this video, three of Build’s experts lead a discussion how nonprofit development and accounting teams can better work together in managing financial data.

The Questions

We shared our thoughts in answer to the following questions:

  1. What are the differing viewpoints or priorities of Development and Accounting when it comes to managing financial data? (Starting at minute 6:10 in the video.)
  2. How can we resolve misunderstanding between Development and Accounting about how to categorize gift records? (11:39)
  3. Our chart of accounts is currently very complex and confusing, which makes it very difficult to map gift records to the GL for integration. Is there a solution? (23:20)
  4. What are some of the key problems with how nonprofits manage gift records that make life hard for Accounting? (27:46)
  5. What should we be thinking about when planning a CRM to ERP integration to help make sure the data flows properly? (35:52)
  6. We’re thinking about changing our CRM and/or ERP system to help solve our financial data flow problems. How should we approach this process? And what systems should we consider? (41:28)
Video camera recording webinarVideo camera recording webinar