Jennifer Keller JacksonDirector, Business Development

Jennifer has deep experience in the nonprofit community, with both developing and running programs and teams. Her background includes working with local and national organizations in experiential education and technology for social impact. Jennifer has also served as a funder, supporting university students and faculty. She brings over 20 years’ experience in nonprofits and has firsthand experience with using complex systems in support of a mission. Like our clients, Jennifer has depended on software in support membership, project & program management, advocacy, fundraising, reporting, digital engagement, event planning, and grant making. At Build, she acts as a translator between the client needs and our services, and leads the development of client relationships.

“I care mostly about the impact of our work.  In helping organizations solve complex technology problems, we free them up to be more effective not just with their internal processes but with their missions—whether it’s building community, cleaning our environment, or saving and improving lives.” — Jennifer Keller Jackson