Nonprofit “Information Strategy” Defined

 In Information Strategy

An “information strategy” is a document that defines how your organization will leverage information to achieve its mission. It prioritizes and sequences the projects necessary to do this effectively. 

This is sometimes referred to by nonprofit organizations as a “technology roadmap” or an “IT roadmap”—but it goes beyond what is typically included in those documents.

Information strategy relies on a set of interconnected disciplines that must work together. These disciplines include:

  1. Leadership and governance
  2. Operations
  3. Process
  4. Data
  5. Technology

Data and technology are intentionally at the end of the list. Without the first three disciplines functioning at a high level, it is much more difficult to get the most out of your data and technology.

To learn more about nonprofit information strategy, visit the information strategy section of our blog. You can also download our whitepaper: Build an Information Strategy for Your Organization.

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