The Nonprofit Information Strategy Framework

 In Information Strategy, Interim and Part-Time CIO

Nonprofit Information Strategy is an approach to aligning your information technology roadmap to the organization’s mission and strategy.    

Build Consulting’s Information Strategy Framework ™ considers everything necessary for your organization to be successful in managing and leveraging the information needed to achieve your mission.

Build Nonprofit Information Strategy Framework

Good information strategy relies on a set of interconnected disciplines that must work together. These disciplines include:

  1. Leadership and governance
  2. Operations
  3. Process
  4. Data
  5. Technology

Data and technology are intentionally at the end of the list. Without the first three disciplines functioning at a high level, it is much more difficult to get the most out of your data and technology.

To learn more about nonprofit information strategy, download our whitepaper: Build an Information Strategy for Your Organization. To learn how information strategy relates to success in technology projects, see What Makes Nonprofit Technology Projects Succeed.

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