The Single Most Important Formula for Nonprofit Technology Projects

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A formula for failure

OO+NT=EOO. Old organization + new technology = expensive old organization. This is a formula that guides Build Consulting’s work.

Nonprofit organizations often use technology projects as catalysts for changing the business processes and behaviors of their organizations, only to find that the organization does not renew itself along with its technology. This has resulted in many technology projects where a lot of money is spent for very little (or negative) gain. For this reason, OO+NT=EOO resonates with almost any experienced nonprofit professional.

Build keeps OO+NT=EOO at the forefront of our work, as a reminder to ourselves and our clients. We listen carefully to organizations as they tell the story of where they want to go, and how technology might help. Using a blend of art and science, we help ensure organizations transform with their technology.

The formula for success

One organization at a time, we help change how nonprofits approach technology, leading to OO+NT=TO.

Old Organization + New Technology = Transformed Organization.

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