Nonprofits Need Mission-Oriented Information Strategy

 In Information Strategy

Build Consulting develops and supports strategies for nonprofit organizations to manage and leverage the vast amount of information they need to thrive.

Information strategy is so much more than the systems you select: it is about better governance, better business processes, and changing the way in which your organization perceives and utilizes the value of technology: both what it already has, and what is available in the market.

See how we address the top nonprofit information strategy challenges.

One challenge for nonprofits is finding qualified, independent advisors to support their strategic projects. As much as we love some software solution vendors and implementers, it isn’t their business to consider your broad business requirements and provide solutions that will best work for your organization’s mission and strategy.

That’s where we come in. Build Consulting fills that gap by providing passionately independent strategic advice to nonprofits. Each of our partners has worked in or with nonprofits for 15+ years, bringing unparalleled business and technology perspective to the unique mission and needs of each client.

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