Nonprofits and the Salesforce Revolution (Intro)

 In CRM (Constituent Relationship Management)

Giving rise to a revolution

Increasingly, Salesforce is viewed as the solution to meet a variety of nonprofit technology and information management needs.

What’s generating all of the excitement and fueling a revolution? Will it revolutionize how nonprofits approach their constituents? Our blog series takes a look at the past and envisioned future of

With incredible speed, it has quickly progressed from being virtually absent in the nonprofit technology space to being viewed as market leader. Until recently the platform, and the applications built upon it, lagged behind competitors like Abila, Apricot, Blackbaud,, PledgeMaker, Social Solutions, and others. Many of those gaps seem to be closing.

The revolution will not be televised

Like any revolution, it has not been without difficulty, missteps, and strife.

More importantly, being a revolutionary, is not always easy.

Build has seen nonprofits fail to consider the impacts of our foundational formula: Old Organization + New Technology = Expensive Old Organization. As a result, when organizations have lurched towards Salesforce, or failed to consider the organizational impacts, there has been the invariable frustration.

Our Blog Series on the Past, Present, and Future of Salesforce for Nonprofits

This blog series will help you better understand the origins of Salesforce, their approach to, and the challenges that have arisen as nonprofits evaluate if is right for part, or all, of their organization.

Build Consulting is passionately independent. This series is a companion to our recent, similar blog series about Blackbaud.

This blog series is based on Build’s extensive experience. This includes experience with nonprofit CRM strategy, as well as conversations with vendors and implementers. Also, we included our interview notes from meeting with CEO Rob Acker.

We hope you enjoy this series! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us or tweet us @buildconsulting.

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