Examples of Audit Queries
for Improved Nonprofit CRM Data Health

As referenced in the February 2019 Webinar Improving Nonprofit CRM Data Management in 2019, our Examples of Audit Queries for Improved Nonprofit CRM Data Health will help you know what to ask your database and when to ask it. These examples, and a sample timetable for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual clean up, will help you plan to keep your donor database healthy. Don’t be caught cleaning up the data the night before your big fundraising appeal begins!

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Your organization can build the capacity to successfully maintain your most crucial database: your constituent/donor relationship management (CRM).

“Before our database administrator left, she left a huge list of things that needed to be cleaned up, I have no idea where to start and had no idea that our database was so messy! What should we be looking for in hiring a new database manager? Are there simple tasks we can do in the meantime to fix our data for our next big mailing?”

“We actually have two or three different CRMs, one for support services, one for volunteers, and The Raiser’s Edge for donors. How do we ensure that we can access the right data at the right time? How do we keep the data ready to use for mailings and appeals?”

This data health query document has examples of a schedule of questions/queries to be asking your database periodically to keep on top of duplicates, reduce improper formatting, and get your fundraising appeals to the right addresses!

This resource provides useful insight derived from our team members’ decades of experience curating donor data and managing donor databases.

At Build Consulting, we’re committed to nonprofit transformation. If you have questions about your database, or need help incorporating our annual healthy database strategy into your organization, we’d love to hear from you.

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