10 Questions Your Nonprofit’s Technology Roadmap Should Answer

Many nonprofits first come to Build Consulting because they want a better technology roadmap for their organization. This article will help you think about what your nonprofit’s technology [...]

6 Traits of Successful Nonprofit Technology Leaders

"Soft" skills are as necessary for successful leadership as technology know-how! Learn about Build's experience with these six traits of successful nonprofit tech leaders we have worked with.

How to Improve Donor Data Management at Your Nonprofit

Improving donor data management can greatly increase your organization's fundraising results. So why can it feel so hard to focus on practical steps to keep data clean and valuable? Learn how to [...]

Staff Turnover: A Hidden Challenge for Nonprofit Technology Effectiveness

Staff turnover is a hidden challenge to nonprofit technology initiatives. Learn to begin your project with a commitment to continuity throughout staff turnover, which plays a critical role [...]

Debbie Cameron Presented at Virtual Good Tech Fest May 19-21, 2020

Good Tech Fest, an excellent conference on data and technology for organizations within the social sector, took place virtually this year in Chicago, May 19-21. We love Data Analysts for Social [...]

What is a Tech Platform-Centric Nonprofit?

A platform-centric nonprofit uses the technology platform as a key foundation in their technology strategy. This focus on a platform allows the nonprofit to act on information and data in new [...]

Poor Time Management: A Hidden Challenge for Nonprofit Technology Projects

A hidden challenge of nonprofit technology initiatives can completely scuttle projects. Learn to begin your project with a commitment to good staff time management, which plays a critical role in [...]

Software Review: WalkMe Deserves Your Nonprofit’s Consideration

Build sees WalkMe and similar Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) products as an excellent way to provide in-app help and guided workflow to users of Salesforce and other web apps. There’s nothing [...]

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