Evaluating a CRM Ecosystem: An Independent Verification and Market Analysis

The Story

After over a decade of investing in Salesforce, an international religious organization wanted to evaluate the software’s viability as a continued solution. Build partnered with the organization to assess how their CRM ecosystem, including Salesforce and Enterprise, was configured and utilized. We analyzed the extent to which it was effectively advancing the organization’s work. We also identified potential improvements to consider as an alternative to changing CRM solutions. We simultaneously conducted a market analysis and RFI process to compare Salesforce to other CRM platforms. This effort ensured staff felt confident that all potential paths forward were explored before making the final CRM decision.

Ultimately, the client chose to stay with Salesforce and to migrate all constituent data into it so that it could serve as the enterprise-wide solution. Build’s RFI process allowed the client to select a systems integrator who was a cultural fit for the organization, who had a proven track record of success, and who would prioritize change management throughout the CRM implementation.

Systems Evaluated

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Andar Software’s Enterprise
  • M-Files
  • Jitterbit
  • Intacct

Organizational Areas

  • Board of Directors
  • Finance
  • Development and Grants Management
  • Customer Support Center
  • Promotions and Design Services
  • General Counsel
  • Membership
  • Publications
  • Marketing and Events

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