Nonprofit ERP Selection for a Leading Animal Welfare Organization

The Client

  • A leading animal welfare organization
  • Based in the U.S., with programs both domestically and around the world
  • Complex requirements for accounting (multi-entity, multi-currency)

The Opportunity

Global nonprofits often require sophisticated accounting systems that can elegantly support multi-entity and multi-currency requirements, as well tax and compliance requirements from multiple countries.

Organizations with this level of complexity often labor to complete period closes and audits, as their staff struggle to pull together and reconcile financial data. The hundreds of hours invested in such activities often deprive the organization of being able to invest in business/financial analysis resources to help it make better planning and investment decisions.

Our client had grown to the point of size and complexity where its current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was no longer able to meet its needs. The organization wanted to select a system that would allow it to easily consolidate financial information from multiple entities processing incoming and outgoing payments in multiple currencies. In addition, they desired to increase the automation in the accounts payable process, and improve financial reporting.

The Solution

​To help the client achieve their vision, we facilitated their evaluation of two cloud ERP platforms (Sage Intacct and NetSuite) with very compelling implementation partners. This complex evaluation focused heavily on multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities, consolidations, grants and restricted revenue project management, AP automation, and reporting.

In selecting an ERP, the question was not just which vendor had the best platform for the organization’s business requirements—although that was critically important. But the selection also focused on which vendor implementation partner would best demonstrate it was capable of supporting a multi-phase implementation, working with the organization’s staff to create not just system change, but also organizational change.

Technology projects are organizational change projects. Therefore, Build used the software selection process to start engaging critical stakeholders inside the organization, to achieve buy-in not just for the technology change, but for the organizational change that would accompany it.

The Results

Through a detailed RFP process and several rounds of Build-facilitated vendor demos, the client ultimately selected Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct demonstrated that it could meet the client’s business requirements and field an implementation team that could not only handle the business and technical requirements of the implementation, but also play a key contributing role in the larger organizational change effort. The organization is very optimistic about how the new ERP platform will support the organization’s strategy for expanding its global influence.

Build continues to engage with this client, providing change management and implementation support for the Intacct implementation.

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