Technology Roadmap for an Association of Land Trust Organizations

The Story

A nonprofit association of land trust organizations had built its information systems organically, over time, without a clear strategic plan. As a result, staff distributed across the United States were using a variety of different technologies, often in silos, many providing overlapping functionality. Centrally provided information systems were often difficult to access and poorly governed. As a result, staff attempting to collaborate and work efficiently had to jump through many hoops to access needed information, and organizational performance was suffering. 

Build Consulting worked collaboratively with the organization’s stakeholders to assess the entire business and technology landscape and establish a set of mutually understood findings that put the entire organization on the same page regarding where it stood and what it needed. We then preparedproposed, and achieved leadership buy-in on a clear four-year roadmap designed not only to improve the technology landscape, but also to develop the internal leadershipoperational capacities, and process design to make future tech investments a success. 

Services Provided

Systems Evaluated

  • WordPress (CMS) 
  • iMIS (AMS/CRM) 
  • Adobe Connect, Skype, Zoom, Level 3 
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, network shard drives 
  • Office 365 / SharePoint, Igloo 
  • Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange 
  • Informz 
  • SurveyMonkey 
  • WBT Topclass LMS 
  • SAP Litmos LMS 
  • Typeform 
  • Foundant for Grantmakers 
  • HelloSign 
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (ERP) 
  • Management Reporter 
  • Adaptive Insights 
  • Paycom 
  • Reviewsnap 
  • Various Excel-based and Smartsheet-based solutions 
  • Network management, monitoring, security, and disaster recovery tools 
  • Various VPN, remote desktop, and terminal service solutions 
  • Various custom web applications 
  • Quorum 

Organizational Areas

  • Accounting 
  • Association Membership 
  • Grants 
  • Programs 
  • Marketing / Communications  
  • Development 
  • Human Resources 
  • Information Technology 
  • Executive Team 
  • Management Team 
  • All Staff 

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