Software Review: WalkMe Deserves Your Nonprofit’s Consideration

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What is WalkMe?

WalkMe occupies the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) space along with competitors such as Pendo, Walkfix, and Appcues. This solution category aims to integrate process training directly into the user experience in a variety of ways, including by walking users through the steps necessary to complete a process, as they are actually performing that process. WalkMe deserves consideration at nonprofits – although WalkMe often focuses on Salesforce when showcasing its capabilities, which is very smart given the market penetration of the Salesforce platform, WalkMe can also be used with most web-based products.

If you have encountered WalkMe before, but haven’t seen a demo within the last 6-12 months, you will benefit from seeing new features, such as the ability to automate the execution of processes, and user engagement analytics.

How Is WalkMe Priced for Nonprofits?

WalkMe is currently priced on a per app, not per user basis. Examples of apps are Salesforce, SharePoint, Intacct, etc. There is affordable nonprofit subscription pricing for a single app, plus a flat services fee for guided config/testing and user training by WalkMe. There are also mobile versions with affordable licensing. WalkMe is very congenial to work with and has been very flexible when creating pricing packages for nonprofit customers. Nonprofit pricing is another area where WalkMe has evolved over the past year, so if you think WalkMe is too expensive for your organization, but haven’t gotten pricing recently, we encourage you to check again.

Our Experience with WalkMe

We’ve used WalkMe at several clients, with positive results so far in user adoption and constituent engagement.

  • We are in the process of using WalkMe to support user onboarding for a new Salesforce Communities-based volunteer management and client case management system. WalkMe is the primary way staff and volunteers (10,000+) receive both initial and ongoing training in the new system.
  • Another of our clients licensed the mobile version of WalkMe to train all of their field staff on how to use their mobile version of Salesforce. This started initially as training on the transition to tracking youth case management in Salesforce, quickly moved to donor development, and later included training on all other uses of Salesforce within the organization.

Both of those clients were large organizations with hundreds or thousands of users, with change management teams supporting system roll-out efforts, and strategically leveraging WalkMe as a part of those efforts.

However, we’re currently exploring opportunities to leverage WalkMe at midsize and small organizations, to help support user adoption for HR, time and expense, and donor relationship management systems. Using WalkMe to guide public website visitors through early engagement steps, particularly matching constituents to programs, is also being strongly considered.

At the NTEN’s 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference, we even saw a donor relationship management vendor that had embedded WalkMe into its own fundraising platform. That vendor made a strategic investment in WalkMe to make sure its own nonprofit customers had the best possible experience of its product.

The Bottom Line

We see WalkMe and similar DAP products as an excellent way to provide in-app help and guided workflow. There’s nothing like providing users with real-time guidance and feedback, and WalkMe gives users a supported software experience that simply isn’t possible using other training methods.  WalkMe is especially helpful when someone is trained on a process, doesn’t perform that process for weeks or months, and then needs to be reminded on the steps.

And if you have any questions about how to leverage DAP solutions like WalkMe for your current or future system implementations, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to chat with you about how to integrate such solutions into your technology change management effort.

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